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Issue 2
July 2002

A Letter from the Editor
The first issue has been published. Here's the second. Where do we go from here? Announcing an important new partnership. more >>

Asian Focus Series: The New Korean Cinema

Discovering the East
Our introduction to a new ongoing forum, the Asian Focus Series, features a discussion with Mhat Bernstein, of HKFlix.com, about the future of Asian cinema in America. more>>

Passages of Time: Motifs of Past, Present, Future in Contemporary Korean Films
Rick Curnutte explores the current Korean fascination with time. more>>

My Beautiful Girl, Mari and the rebirth of Korean animation
Darcy Paquet talks about an industry in flux. more>>

Peter Y. Paik takes a look at Yoon Jong-chan's atmospheric horror film more>>

Peppermint Candy: redefining Korean masculinity.
Jose Alejandro Perez Eyzell discusses issues of gender roles in this important Korean work. more>>

To Catch a Whale: A brief History of Lost Fathers, Idiots, and Gangsters in Korean Cinema
Hyun-Suk Seo looks at representations of masculinity in Korean cinema more>>

The Asian Focus Series is presented through a partnership with HKFlix.com. Please show your support for this endeavor by visiting our new partner and buying some great dvds of both films featured here and those from their immense catalog of titles.

Special Feature: The Cinema Poll

In anticipation of the renowned Sight and Sound poll, The Film Journal presents its very own survey of the best films in cinema's history. more>>


Making Life
Dave Filipi talks with Bob Sabiston, the art director of Richard Linklater's Waking Life. more>>

Revisiting Classics

The Politics of Art: Elia Kazan and the Scandal Over On the Waterfront
Daidria Curnutte takes a look back at a legendary director's most controversial film. more >>

Reviews - Theatrical

The Believer
by Ian Waldron-Mantgani more>>

The Cat's Meow
by Peter Tonguette more>>

Reviews - DVD/VHS

All home video reviews are by the Editor, except as otherwise noted. HV reviews are capsulated, rather than full-length.



A Beautiful Mind

Pearl Harbor - Director's Cut

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Shipping News



Five Deadly Venoms


Christmas in August


Bungee Jumping of Their Own


My Beautiful Girl, Mari


8 1/2


Waking Life


On the Waterfront