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Issue 13
January 2006

ISSN 1542-0868

The Film Journal Blog - Featuring Regular Reviews and Criticisms

Editor's Note: A brief leave of absence - by Rick Curnutte read>>

Director Retrospective: Richard Fleischer

Follow Him Quietly: Richard Fleischer and the Consideration of Metteurs-en-scène - by Zach Campbell read>>

The Pan in Richard Fleischer’s Early Crime Thrillers - by Michael E. Grost read>>

The Eye We Cannot Shut: Richard Fleischer's Mandingo - by Robert Keser read>>

On Barabbas - by Dan Sallitt read>>

A journey through These Thousand Hills - by Blake Lucas read>>

Richard Fleischer: A Career in Crime, Sex and Violence - by Michael Worrall read>>


My Three Ps: Passion, Patience, Perserverance - by Robert Wise read>>

Baudrillard in The Matrix: the Hyperreal, Hollywood, and a Case for Misused References - by Vartan P. Messier read>>

Woman as the Object of Desire: Notes Toward a Reading of Baran - by Brian Wilson read>>

Examining the Role of Disability in Herzog’s Even Dwarves Started Small - by David Church read>>

The Paradoxical Position of Film: Morality in Four Classics - by Amar Bakshi read>>

"I Didn't Mean to Frighten You": The Disney Gothic - by Victoria Oxberry read>>

Edifying Horror: Brief Notes on Land of the Dead - by Brian Wilson read>>

Ideology and the Modern Historical Epic: How the political concerns in the genre have changed since 11th September 2001 - by Leon Saunders Calvert read>>

In Amity One Man can make a Difference: Steven Spielberg’s Jaws - by James Rose read>>

Reading/Watching Fassbinder - by Justin Vicari read>>

Faithfulness: A “Vision” of Stanley Kubrick’s Last Three Films - by Richmond Adams read>>


Poet of Blood: An Interview With Nick Palumbo - by Andrew Repasky McElhinney read>>


At Five in the Afternoon - by Christopher Bourne read>>

49 Years from Wolfenden: A review of Brokeback Mountain - by Jenna Ng read>>

Vital - by Christopher Bourne read>>

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